DJ-ImageSlider - Joomla 4 slideshow module


What is a DJ-ImageSlider?
It’s a free, responsive, Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 compatible, mobile-ready

slideshow extension that can be easily managed through the Joomla component and modules. The slideshow extension gives the possibility to create an unlimited number of groups and slides and present them anywhere on the website.

Each slide can include a title, description and can be linked to any Joomla article, menu item, or other URL or even do not linked (the magnificent popup appears ).

The Joomla slideshow extension also allows setting a start/end publishing date. Created slides can be organized in an unlimited number of slideshow categories and each category can have an unlimited number of slides.

Joomla Slideshow Features

As we mentioned above, it’s a fully responsive, mobile, and touch-ready Joomla slideshow.
The slideshow adapts to all screen sizes! It also offers a swipe navigation handling for touch screens.
What about slider effects and slider customization options? DJ-Image-Slider brings HTML5/CSS3 transitions 9+ slide effects . Users can set a custom slide transition time, choose bulletsnumber as slider indicators, and load custom slider buttons (prev/next/ and play/pause).

What's more?

The Joomla slideshow comes with a huge number of useful slider features. Check more of them listed below:

  • Easy slider backend control panel.
  • Easy listing and adding categories (groups).
  • Each slide can be customized.
  • Module settings allow setting the Slider source, Slider type, slider theme, and image.
  • The description box can be customized.
  • full RTL support
  • drag&drop slides ordering in the back-end
  • cross-browser support

We need to add that DJ Image Slider is an accessible slideshow component and it follows the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It comes with compatibility with keyboard access (arrows and tab+ spacebar/enter key navigation). The accessibility is a very important issue when it comes to using the slider by people with different disabilities and older people, or those living in developing countries. Accessible slideshow is essential for many website visitors using keyboard navigation. Also, the people who are distracted by movement can pause a slideshow or if they need more time to read something, they can pause a slide, and find a while to understand the displayed content. You can enable or disable support for keyboard navigation with tab key and arrow keys!

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