Concrete Paver Market Heats Up as Contractors Turn to Roadbuilding

As some areas of the construction industry have slowed during the pandemic, contractors are shifting into other segments, such as roadbuilding, to try to keep revenues coming in.

Manufacturers of concrete slipform pavers say they have witnessed such market shifts, as well as increased competition for jobs. Bidding has become more aggressive for projects, contractors are seeking productivity advantages, and others are entering concrete paving to boost business, they say.

To help contractors weather the economic slowdown and stay competitive, representatives from Wirtgen, Power Pavers, Guntert & Zimmerman and HEM Paving offered their views to Equipment World of the current market, and some recommendations for those interested in starting concrete slipform paving operations or those wanting to become more productive.

We also provide specs of all the concrete slipform pavers on the market.

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