DD HomeServices 125 - Joomla template for construction, renovation companies

Joomla 3.9.x  PHP 7.4.x
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You run a renovation business or you are an interior decorator, interested in modern design. I designed a Joomla template perfectly suited for such a business. DD HomeServices 125 was designed on the Helix Ultimate framework, thanks to which you can change all aspects of the site, from the color scheme to the position layout of the modules. To make your work even easier I have installed SP Page Builder PRO worth 49 euro, a system for building pages without knowing any coding, you work by drag, modify and save. As if that wasn't enough, for such a low price you get news system PRO version, Creative SLIDER component PRO version, Hourly module PRO version, etc.

Joomla has installed:

  •  SP Page Builder PRO version page builder which works by drag and drop.
  •  Ruxin business hours module showing us opening hours of the surgery, premises PRO version.
  •  Ruxin News The Module displaying the news, has up to 31 templates with layouts for the presentation of news. PRO version.
  •  Ruxin cookie alert module informing us about cookies. PRO version.
  • Portfolio Component.
  • Gallery Component.
  • Akeeba Backup for Joomla! Backup your entire site and its database with a single click.
  •   Creative Slider PRO component 220 transition effects, full control over animations.


See how great SP PAGE BUILDER is which was used in this template.


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