DD Contact Module for Joomla 5.1

The DD Contact Module is a versatile tool designed for Joomla 5.1, enabling easy addition of a contact section to your website.

This module offers a wide range of features and configuration options, allowing full customization to meet the user's specific needs.

Key Features

  • Company Logo - Add and display the company's logo, enhancing visual identity.
  • Company Description - Add a brief description, which may include the company's slogan, mission, or other important information.
  • Company Name - A field to enter the company's name, which will be displayed in the contact module.
  • Company Address - Add the company's full address, making it easier for clients to locate the office.
  • Company Phone Number - A field to enter the contact phone number, crucial for clients who prefer phone communication.
  • Company Email Address - Add the contact email address, allowing for easy electronic communication.

Display Options

Each of the above pieces of information can be individually configured for display. The administrator can decide which data will be visible on the site and which will not.

Appearance Customization

  • Link, Text, and Icon Colors - Customize the colors of links, text, and icons to match the site's color scheme.
  • Icon Display - Option to enable or disable icons, helping users quickly identify specific contact details.
  • Text Alignment - Choose text alignment (e.g., center, left, or right) to better fit the page layout.
  • Text Size - Set the text size, impacting the readability and aesthetics of the presented information.

Module Application

The DD Contact Module is ideal for companies that want to present their contact information professionally on their website. With extensive customization options, this module allows for tailoring the appearance and content to the user's individual needs and preferences.

The module also provides convenience in managing contact information, allowing easy updates and edits without the need to modify the site's code. With an intuitive user interface, even users without advanced technical knowledge can quickly and efficiently configure and manage the module.

In summary, the DD Contact Module is a functional and flexible solution for any company using Joomla 5.1, allowing for the effective presentation of contact information in an aesthetic and professional manner.

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