CookieHint is a Joomla 4 plugin that allows website administrators to display a message

about cookies before they are saved on the user's computer. This allows users to choose which cookies they accept, providing better protection of personal data. This plugin helps website administrators to meet privacy and data protection requirements.

  • Simple setup. Only one installation is necessary.
  • 100% free of charge. No subscription or license fees.
  • Especially developed for the CMS Joomla!
  • Completely blocks all types of scripts and cookies.
  • Texts and styles can be adjusted by yourself at any time.
  • Joomla! 4.0 BETA bug and issue reporting to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With CookieHint you can add a cookie notification to your Joomla! website with a few steps.
You just need to install and activate our plugin in your admin area.

Why is a Consent Tool mandatory today?
Since 01.10.2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has provided clarity on the topic of data protection law (especially on cookies). Thus it has now become clear that the classic cookie indication as we have often seen it, from October 2019 at the latest, is no longer sufficient or necessary. It is not sufficient to inform the user of a website that cookies are present. Instead, the user must now actively agree to the use of cookies.

Does this apply to all types of cookies and websites?
No. Essential / necessary cookies (e.g. session cookie) do not require consent. In this case you can even do without a cookie banner completely. This is primarily about marketing / tracking cookies (e.g. Google Analytics and Matomo/Piwik). These types of cookies require the active consent of the user and tracking cookies must be blocked until consent is given.

Why CookieHint and Consent?
We have set ourselves the goal of developing a simple and lean solution for the cookie issue. Meanwhile there are many other Cookie Consent Tools, which can be integrated partly also CMS independent. These are usually connected with a complex setup. CookieHint and Consent only needs to be installed and activated. Afterwards the tool works without any setup. The main difference to other tools is that no tracking categories can be specified. CookieHint and Consent blocks all types of scripts and cookies.

CookieHint and Consent Settings

  • Note link You can link to your imprint, disclaimer or privacy policy. Just add your specific URL.
  • CSS You can specify the design of the cookie notice via CSS files. You can choose between your custom CSS files and our default CSS files. You can select your CSS file after uploading to 'plugins/system/cookiehint/css'.
  • HTML / PHP code If you want to change the entire layout of the cookie notice, you can use your own script. Select your php file you want to use. It will be visible and selectable in the drop-down menu once it has been uploaded to the directory 'plugins/system/cookiehint/include'.
  • Multilingualism translated default languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Czech, French. You can also use language keys in your admin area to change every translation and text. Go to: 'Extensions > Languages > Overrides'. You can find the language keys under 'Extensions > Plugins > CookieHint'.
  • Cookie Blocker If you want, our plugin won't allow the storage of cookies, or you can set up a decline button and visitors are redirected to a COOKIE / GDPR info site, including an explanation why the redirect has happend. You can also set a URL to a different explanation site.
  • Storage life of the confirmation cookie Set how long the confirmation of the cookie notification is valid. After that period of time it gets invalid and the visitor has to accept the cookie notification again.

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